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Audio Production Services

Nerva group is a place for those who love Audio, from the latest in pro tools HD technology with total recall we excel in dubbing, mixing and mastering your final mixes.

Our audio production studio features the latest high tec software system, We have a wide range of multilingual talent both local and through our ISDN link to the rest of the world. Our close ties with overseas studios and voice agencies have led us to record scripts in Russian, Italian, German and Chinese, to name a few, as well as our regular output in English and Arabic.

The audio studios are run by creative engineers who love what they do, where clients see, hear and feel the difference. Clients of all sizes come here to mix TV, Radio and long from documentary projects. Composition of background scores and production of radio commercials is our specialty.

From feature film dubbing to network television series, whether finishing for broadcast, DVD or the internet. Nerva Group is an exceptional Audio production studio with the people and the tools to make your needs happen

    Audio postproduction
    Duplication services
    Sound recording postproduction
    Sonic Branding
    Sound Design
    Native Voice Talent
    Audio production
    Sound recording production
    Score to picture
    Radio spots production
    Voice Overs