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Packaging Design Services

More and more we are finding that customers are coming to us with packaging design and structure issues that are drastically their profits and return rate percentages. When your packaging layout jeopardizes your product, it also jeopardizes your customer's brand loyalty to you.

We understand that the heart and soul of any business is the product. If your product is being delivered in the wrong package style or look, it directly affects  customers’ experience on what your brand represents.

Nerva Group provides customers top-of-the-line solutions when it comes to their custom designed packaging and printing needs. Our teams will not only work with you to ensure your package is the best possible fit for you, but they will also analyze your current packaging to evaluate the cost effectiveness,  package stability, functionality and performance .

Our package inspection and testing process is extremely thorough, taking into account not only the functionality of your package, the beauty of the design and how seducing to the eye it is, but how it will need to meet your company budget as well as accommodate your product.

    Current Packaging Analysis
    Structure Design
    Ink matching
    Custom packaging
    Graphic Design
    Print Plate Makinga