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PR Services

Empowering your communications, for PR, IR, Marketing communications professionals, the business of distributing news and content is constantly evolving. And as this industry grows and changes, so do your communications needs and goals.

Building on many years of experience, Nerva Group comprehensive suite of solutions empowers you to engage opportunity everywhere it exists. We offer solutions for businesses, budgets, and projects of all sizes. Our services allow you to target and engage your audiences, deliver your message quickly and accurately, and measure, monitor and analyze it without ever breaking stride. These activities allow you to achieve your desired goal – success.

Through an industry-leading, credible news and content delivery service that spans the globe, you'll receive unrivaled visibility for your message, both in traditional and social channels. Plus, our delivery platform ensures that your content is fully optimized for search and can be delivered in multiple formats, thereby putting you in a better position to not only reach, but also engage with your target audiences.

    Corporate Social Responsibility
    Messaging Workshops
    Media Tours
    Product launches
    Event Management Services
    Media Training Services
    Media Events : Round Tables, Press Conferences & Virtual Events
    Crisis Management
    Strategy Development
    Multimedia Press Assets
    Crisis Management Services
    Multimedia Press Assets
    Awards Programs