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Nerva Archive Web Application

Express Store and archiving abilities with Nervachive web application for Storage Management, Archiving Compliance & Disaster .

Nervachive is an application for centralized administration of  the complete process of data archival and data storage management . Using  an intuitive user interface, Archive jobs are created with Nervachive  web application to provide monitoring, protection, migration, transparent access and recovery of information, so that virtually every compliance and business  continuity issue relating to data storage and access can be addressed and satisfied.

Additional modules provide Retrieval, Data Protection, and Authentication features. Data Protection applies serious security steps of Archive Volumes, which prevents unauthorized access. Data Authentication on monitors Archive Volumes for changes and alterations to data, and creates a series of reports to assure the accuracy and authenticity of data.
For additional security, multiple storage devices in multiple locations may be used in parallel and multiple systems can also be used. A database of all archived files is presented in an Explorer like view where individual files, directories and the entire Archive job can be searched and retrieved as needed.